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Every year, at the beginning of September, Artemonas hosts the "Nikolaos Tselementes" Cycladic Gastronomy Festival. It is a three-day festival, which has become an institution and is internationally recognized.

Representatives from the Cyclades islands along with representatives from one honored guest Aegean island meet in Sifnos to present their unique gastronomic and cultural traditions.

Every island has its own booth at the central square of Artemonas, where prepare and present recipes from their islands of origin. Visitors can taste those recipes, visiting the islands' booths.

At a specially formed corner of the square, the "Little Tselementedes" (6 to 12 year old kids), wearing aprons and colorful cook hats, participate in cooking games and contests that are specially created for their age.

The festival opens its doors for the public every day at 18.00, while at the end of each day, at 21.30, there are music and dance events with traditional tunes of Sifnos and the other islands.

The entrance to the festival is free and the food that is offered is for free too.

You are all invited!

Parallel events

Presentations of traditional customs, such as pottery and mat making, the representation of a traditional wedding etc.

A small bazaar with products and treats from the participating islands (at the central alley of Artemonas)

The "Giannis Atsonios" exhibition of folklore items (at the central alley of Artemonas, right opposite to the church of the Virgin Mary of Balis)

Exhibitions of photos, paintings etc. (at the primary school of Artemonas)

Exhibitions of photos, paintings etc. ("Marianthi Simou" cultural center)

Seaside cooking. During the three day festival, every morning under the responsibility of local associations, Sifnian recipes are being presented, at the seaside villages.



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