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Sifnos and gastronomic tradition are closely linked. One of the most famous and influential Greek cooks was the sifnian Nikolaos Tselementes, who was the first to systematize cooking and pastry in Greece, by writing a related book.

His origin was from Exambela in Sifnos and this certainly influenced his activity. On the other hand, his activity also influenced the local cuisine too, which in turn began to make Sifnos renowned for its tastes and its restaurants. Something that can still be tasted by everyone!

One of the greatest secrets of Sifnian cuisine is cooking in clay and cooking with fire. Earthenware protects the food from the ups and downs in temperature while the mild cooking in the fire makes it unbelievably tasty.

It’s now time to talk about the raw materials and their part in cooking tasty food. Lambs and goats grazing on the Aegean Sea, delicious and original cheeses and sausages, honey from the island's thyme, fish, vegetables, wine and much more.

Visitors of Sifnos enjoy the tastes of the island, sweet and savory! Do not leave before tasting everything!



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