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We all dream of a fairytale wedding, from time to time. A wedding to be discussed, which will be remembered both by the newlyweds and the guests. Well I have good news for you. Sifnos is the par excellence place for fairy tale weddings.

Want to know why:

1) It has wonderful, romantic churches, by the sea or on the mountains

2) It has fantastic scents of nature that will accompany the mystery

3) It has great food, an element absolutely necessary for a successful marriage

4) It has nice, thoughtful and hospitable homes and hotels for accommodation

5) It has fantastic wedding desserts: “amygdalota”, “pastel” and many many more

6) It has wonderful sunsets, ideal for romantic photographs and nice parties

7) It has wonderful clay decorations that you can use for decoration or give aways

8) It has people who will be very happy to help you organize this dream wedding



Villa: Artemonas, Sifnos &
House: Kamares, Sifnos

Mob. +30 6973338700

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