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ABOUT NEWThe island of Sifnos has always accompanied my youth dreams in Athens. I used to long the summer memories and reach for the whispers coming from my beloved island. Fragrances of soil roasted by sun and salt, juniper-trees and fentiek accents, tastes of sifneika (Siphenean) goodies and of course friends...

Sifnos will be expecting me in the summer’, I thought to myself. My parents are people of the sea and the best present they ever offered me was their deep love for our hometown / birth place, Sifnos. Therefore, I could not help but sharing this love with you.

Sifnos is expecting you.

Captain’s Home - Sifnos



Villa: Artemonas, Sifnos &
House: Kamares, Sifnos


Mob. +30 6973338700

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